Commercial Vehicle

What is Advanced Driving?

The Norfolk & Norwich Advanced Motorists, promotes the use of a system of vehicle control described in
"Roadcraft", the Police drivers and riders handbook. This system is used by the Police and all advanced driving
organisations in the UK and internationally.

If you would like to take a Skill For Life course, which costs just £149, you will be allocated one of our Observers,
who will work with you and provide help, advice and guidance to prepare you for taking the Institutes advanced
driving test.

Depending upon your level of skill and knowledge when you enrol, you could be ready to take your advanced
driving test after only 6 observed drives, although we place no limit on the amount of drives we will provide to get
you to test standard - a lot depends upon your ability when joining the group and the amount of experience you get
between each session.

All of our Observers are unpaid volunteers and offer their time free of charge to help you be a better driver. The Skill
For Life cost of £139 includes The Institutes book "How to be a better driver/rider" upon which your Observed Runs
will be based, a copy of the Highway Code, your test fee and your first years membership of both the National IAM
and also of the Norfolk and Norwich Group.

As all Observed runs are completed in your own vehicle, the only other cost will be your fuel.

Your Drive should be:


Safety is the most important aspect of all driving. Position and speed must always be sacrificed for safety, but safety
must never be sacrificed for any reason. The driver's objective is to maintain safe progress by identifying hazards
early and planning how to deal with them safely and efficiently.

The four key skills of advanced driving are Concentration, effective all round Observation, Anticipation and Planning.
Advanced Driving is using these skills properly and coordinating them with good handling skills to ensure that your
driving/riding is . . . .

The System of Vehicle Control is a way of approaching and negotiating all situations that is safe, methodical, and
leaves nothing to chance. The IAM uses the Police System of Vehicle Control. 

If your vehicle control and handling skills are properly co-ordinated with your perceptual and awareness skills, your
driving will not only be safe and systematic, but it will also be smooth.

Speed (correct use of)
The ability to make progress is an important advanced driving skill, but progress must never compromise safety.
Excess speed (speed above the statutory limit) and inappropriate speed (excessive speed for the circumstances,
regardless of the statutory limit) are dangerous and are not acceptable.

After the Test
In proving that your driving is of an advanced level, you have set yourself a level to maintain. Passing the advanced
test gives you the right to display the Institutes badge on your vehicle and therefore provide visible proof of the
standard you have set yourself.