Rideout Reports

Rideouts are organised on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month. A list of rideouts can be found here. During the summer months, May to Sept, midweek evening rideouts are also organised.

The first rideout of each month is usually fairly local and so that you can be home for lunchtime. The second rideout of each month is usually to a more distant destination and can last until late afternoon. However, members can leave the rideout at any point if they want to, just let the organiser know.

The rideout coordinator has an e-mail distribution list of motorcycle members and sends out an e-mail about the rideout during the previous week.

During the winter, November to February, there are no destinations listed since the rideouts depend on the weather and the coordinator will let members know what is happening.

Reports on the 2019 rideouts will appear here as they happen.