Rideout Reports

Rideouts are organised on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month. A list of rideouts can be found here. During the summer months, May to Sept, midweek evening rideouts are also organised.

The first rideout of each month is usually fairly local and so that you can be home for lunchtime. The second rideout of each month is usually to a more distant destination and can last until late afternoon. However, members can leave the rideout at any point if they want to, just let the organiser know.

The rideout coordinator has an e-mail distribution list of motorcycle members and sends out an e-mail about the rideout during the previous week.

During the winter, November to February, there are no destinations listed since the rideouts depend on the weather and the coordinator will let members know what is happening.

Reports on the 2019 rideouts will appear here as they happen.

Rideout 23rd June to Squire's Cafe

Squire's Cafe just outside Sherburn-in-Elmet between Leeds and Selby is Yorkshire's version of the Ace Cafe, but better obviously.

It's set in open countryside rather than in a busy London suburb, and can be accessed by good riding roads rather than the North Circular. The cafe itself is a pub serving food but in the grounds are a burger bar, fish and chip shop, and a motorcycle clothing and accessory shop.

Six bikes et off in cloudy but fine weather headed for Horncastle and across the Lincolnshire Wolds to Caister. This is a B road but with a good surface and a joy to ride. Then across the Humber Bridge (free to bikes) with great views of the river for a coffee stop at the bridge information and viewing area. Two of the group had other commitments so they didn't carry on to Squired Cafe.

From the Humber Bridge it was on to Sherburn-in-Elmet via Selby. There was no mistaking Squire's Cafe; hundreds of bikes in the car park and people everywhere. There's even a separate field for parking cars so they don't get tangled up with the bikes. Slow riding to find a parking space amongst all those bikers was nerve wracking, not a place to mess up.

So, a look around the site, then an ice cream whilst sitting on a bench watching the world go by. After an hour it was time to leave and we used the quick way home, the A1 to Newark and then the A17 home. Not the most interesting of roads but quick and not too busy. Got us home in time for tea!

Rideout May 26th to Ollerton Crossroads

Forest Corner Snack Bar at Ollerton Crossroads is a popular meeting place for motorcyclists. The roads in the area are worth riding, although many are now limited to 50MPH, probably due to their popularity. It's a couple of hours ride from King's Lynn so we wanted a route that was fairly direct but also interesting.

The first few miles were on the A17 which is good for practicing riding in traffic and overtaking. We took the A52 towards Grantham which is much quieter with some good flowing bends. Then the A15 to Sleaford, another quiet road keeping us interested with many bends. This took us back to the A17 which we followed to Newark.

From Newark a good run through Lincolnshire to join the A57 and then over the Dunham toll bridge (free for bikes) towards Ollerton for our coffee/tea/cake/sausage roll stop. I had a large slice of sticky cornflake cake with enough calories to keep me going all week.

After refreshments and a natter it was back towards Newark on the A616, surely one of the best A roads in the area. Now limited to 50MPH it's not the challenge it was, but still an enjoyable ride taking us to the A17 towards King's Lynn.

We had a few spots of rain on our ride but nothing serious. However as we approached Norfolk all the roads were very wet so there must have been heavy rain whilst we were away.

Ride to Skegness 28th April 2019

Six bikes turned out for the ride to Skegness on what was a breezy and chilly day. Chairman Soji made a seventh bike but due to work commitments, he had to return to King's Lynn early so left us at Horncastle.

The ride took us up the A17 and then across the Lincolnshire Fens to Horncastle. From there it was across the Wolds past Cadwell Park to Louth. Don't let anyone tell you that Lincolnshire is flat. The road past Cadwell climbs and dives, twists and turns, and has long views across Lincolnshire. A road well worth riding (or driving). There's a lot of new white paint on this road. Preparing for the traffic heading for the Cadwell Park race circuit this Summer, I suppose.

From Louth we followed main roads to Skegness, initially another rolling road across the Wolds but then flat across the Fens to Skegness. Unusually Skegness has a dedicated motorbike park which is free and close to the amenities. Not many bikes in there this morning - only one other apart from us. Too cold and windy for many with a drop of rain thrown in.

After tea/coffee/hot chocolate and a chat in a beachside cafe it was home again via Boston. The weather was sunny when we got back to Norfolk, just right for a bit of gardening according to my wife. Payback for being out on my bike all morning I suppose.