Wheels Magazine

The Group publishes a magazine which is sent to all Group Members (full and associate) and contains details of future group meetings and visits, a list of all recent test passes and new associates, important information received from IAM Head Office as well as information from the Group Chairman, Secretary and other members of the Group Committee. The Magazine also carries letters and articles from Group Members and anything else our Editor thinks maybe of interest to our Members.

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Wheels Summer 2019 Edition

Summer 2019

Archive editions of Wheels are available below. (Please note information may be out of date).

Wheels Spring 2019 Edition

Spring 2019

Wheels Winter 2018 Edition

Winter 2018

Wheels Autumn 2018 Edition

Autumn 2018

Wheels Summer 2018 Edition

Summer 2018

Wheels Spring 2018 Edition

Spring 2018

Wheels Winter 2017 Edition

Winter 2017

Wheels Autumn 2017 Edition

Autumn 2017

Wheels Summer 2017 Edition

Summer 2017

Wheels Winter 2016 Edition

Winter 2016

Wheels Autumn 2016 Edition

Autumn 2016

Wheels Summer 2016 Edition

Summer 2016

Wheels Spring 2016 Edition

Spring 2016

Wheels Winter 2015 Edition

Winter 2015

Wheels Autumn 2015 Edition

Autumn 2015

Wheels Summer 2015 Edition

Summer 2015

Wheels Spring 2015 Edition

Spring 2015